Alter: 54
Lehrerfahrung: 23 Jahre
Kostenlose Probestunde
FCE, Englisch für akademische Zwecke (English for Academic Purposes, EAP), Aufsatzschreiben, Lesen, Phonetik, Britisches Englisch
Vorschulkinder, Grundschüler, Mittelschüler, Oberschüler, Auszubildende, Studierende, Erwachsene
Lehrsprachen: German, English, Russian


Diplom Germanistin Moskauer Staatliche Linguistische Universität

Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

Certificate in Advanced Englisch issued by University of Cambridge City&Guilds — National Vocational Qualification - certificate in teaching adult learners, issued by the City and Guilds of London Institute


Hello, my name is Valentina.

I was born in Moscow, in winter, I guess in the coldest period of the Cold War, that’s why the song” Longing for the Sun” is really about me:)

My father was a journalist and because of his profession my little family travelled often with him. This is why, when I was little I went to a school in Berlin for 3 years. Despite all my horror of learning a totally new language, after some time I fell in love with German language and through it with German culture. Eagerly I have studied Germanistik (German Studies) for 5 amazing years. As a part time of my Masters degree I have studied for two unforgettable semesters in Humbold University in Berlin. There I met my future husband, and after some time of searching for our vocation we moved to London, so I had some kind of déjaàvu in the UK, resulting in a certificate of Advanced English, issued by the University of Cambridge.

I am an experienced teacher for German, English and Russian. I have an up to dated DBS Certificate .

I have worked for 14 years at Southend Adult Community College, Essex, and for 6 years online. I have a Master degree in German studies.

I have also worked with OCR for 2 years - as an exam editor. I offer help to children and adults, from Beginners to University students. One of my student, who started with me from scratch, studies now Russian at Selwyn College Cambridge. I am very proud of her!

I perform one to one tuition, group teaching, personal or online teaching.

Flexible schedule and individual approach. For example: I can create a crash course for skiers or bankers. I embed a thought provoking questions in my lessons, based on a wide spectrum of humanitarian subjects like History, Literacy, Religious Studies and Art E.g "Has Martin Lüther contributed to the German language as much as William Shakespeare to English ?"

Or : Children labour under the Tzar in the 19th century: demonstration of the famous painting of Perov "Troika”. “ To be a child -is it a privilege or a routine?” “If you were born at that time…..…?”.-practicing Konjunktiv / subjunctive-

I have taught English online to some Russian students. One of them studies economics in Finnland. All classes are held in English.

Book a trial lesson with me !

Wolfgang Goethe said : „Wer fremde Sprachen nicht kennt, weiß nichts von seiner eigenen“ couldn’t agree more. What do you think ?

I love teaching to my students and learning from them. It’s an amazing never ending process. Big thank you to all my previous and future students!


Valentina is an excellent teacher who has considerable knowledge and experience. `She tailors lessons to a students ability and needs, and they are always most interesting and enjoyable. She is patient and explains the more difficult points so that they are easer to understand. On account of the lessons, I am more self-confident and my language skills in German and Russian have improved considerably. Janet V, native English speaker
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